Subject: Fx connectivity issue in ATT Email
Content: Solution: For internet connectivity Try rebooting your gateway – restarting your wifi gateway can be a quick fix for many Internet issues. You can unplug your gateway for a while then remove or insert the battery. After that plug the gateway back and wait for the lights to stop flashing. Check your connection if the problem is fixed or not. Check wired connections and filters Check all wifi gateway electrical connections Make sure the gateway’s power is on and green Secure all the wired connection between the gateway and your computer Check your equipment and browser If your gateway is all good, then check your device and browser, there might be a possibility that the issue is from there. Restart your device, close all tabs and restart your browser Reduce the number of active devices connected to your home network. Turn of those that are not in use. Clear your internet browser cookies and cache. Run antivirus and anti-spyware software.   SBC global |  SBCglobal Mail Settings |  SBCglobal Net Email Settings