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Here's a list of every Lost Ark server
Posted On 02/18/2022 02:59:04 by Nfkjasfas

As players snatched nearly every version of "Asmongold" possible.As his stream was in full swing at the peak Lost Ark Gold, he had a number of 285,726 viewers, his highest ever according to stat tracking website Twitch Tracker. The figure was barely better than his previous record of 283k for an World of Warcraft stream back in August 2019 , when WoW Classic was released. launch of WoW Classic.


Lost Ark review - The blood-soaked return of the ARPG. Lost Ark saw a mas... Read More

Ark's evolution is ahead of the landing of the PC platform
Posted On 04/04/2018 02:24:56 by loyaty

Ark's evolution is ahead of the landing of the PC platform, because this version is also an early test version, in the beginning of 2016 will also land PS4, XBOX ONE platform, I believe this game is also very much looking forward to many players.

There will also be a day-night system that alternates day and night in this work ARK Survival Evolved Items. Of course, it will also include a volatile system. It will be very hot during the day, and it will be very cold at night. This wi... Read More

Tactically using wisdom to tame
Posted On 03/28/2018 02:10:54 by loyaty

In the last version update, the new Bio-Blood Tyrannosaurus entered the vision of the survivors. Feather Tyrannosaurus shows powerful strength. It possesses the temperament of Tyrannosaurus rex, the appearance of Tyrannosaurus rex, and the elegant feathers of the elders on the neck. It can be described as unusual and unrestrained. Riding it on the Ark map is also a sight, but taming it is a bit of a headache. Be patient. The premise is that players can play it. Today we introduced in detail t... Read More

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