RuneScape idea is adding the eggs into the accessible things
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Can be made only in Trimmed-Mahogany+ bin, it is made by putting 13 Magic Logs, 5 Earth Runes, and 5 Water Runes into the bin, and letting them rust. The logs will rot into compost which will be enchanted from the Runes RS 2007 Items. People may say this will be biased as merely friends of the owner, and the owner of the house can use this. Yes this is true, however, will this make them fish almost faster? Of course not lol, this merely provides them a personal place to fish, and also a more beautiful look to their PoH.

The Hotspots: There are 2 types of hotspots, a dock hotpspot, which can be required to even enter the space, and fishing hotspots, 4 per area. Imagine the space, with all the docks as a cross through the room, well in every corner of the middle of the docks is a hotspot.

Teak Dock: 60 Structure, 20 Teak Planks. Granite Bridge-Dock: 75 Structure, 10 Marble Bricks.

Regal Docks: 90 Construction, 4 Magic Stones, 1 Tinderbox, 11 Marble Bricks, 10 Gold Leaf(Picture the imperial dock for a minute here... beautiful marble and gold docks... marble torches in the entrances, magical archways in the ends of the pathways that open to the center, a gorgeous sight for anybody who desires their PoH to look amazing.)

Fishing Hotspots(All need 55 Structure and the various Fishing Level necessary to fish the fish) 10 Buckets of Water, 10 Seaweed, 5 Raw Swordfish. 10 Buckets of Water, 10 Seaweed, 5 Raw Shark. 10 Buckets of Water, 10 Seaweed, 5 Raw Monkfish, Completion of Sawn Song Quest. Sea Turtle: 10 Buckets of Water, 10 Seaweed, 5 Raw Sea Turtle, 500K Money. Manta Ray: 10 Buckets of Water, 10 Seaweed, 5 Raw Manta Ray, 1000K Money.

Woodcutting Forrest Room: My reason for this is simple, I recall getting my first tree in my home, I believed I could chop it for Woodcutting XP, however, was sadly disappointed... This is a room devoted to Woodcutting. There's just 1 type of Hotpost in this room, which is tree hotspots. Requirements for Woodcutting Forrest room: 55 Construction, 30 Woodcutting, 75K Money

Types of trees( All require 55 Structure and the Woodcutting Level to chop the tree): Willow: 25 Willow Logs Buy RS 3 Gold, 1 Willow Root. Magic: 25 Magic Logs, 1 Magic Root.

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