RuneScape has been doing more and more creature updates lately
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You could blow your bank account open getting some Armadyl ranger armor, or you could simply get a necklace by speaking to or killing a guardian of Armadyl in the temple of Ikov. Or you may use those feathers that you just got with a few lace, a needlethread, to make some Armadyl gloves RuneScape Gold. These provide a ranged increase and count as Armadyl armor. While sporting one, talk into the aviansies, and they'll welcome you as a fellow follower of Armadyl, and request your aid. You will then be given a mission, depending on which side you picked during Temple of Ikov.


Guardians Side: Visit the island by constructing a small boat near the pirates at the wilderness. At certain points round the tower, use charcoal with papyrus to acquire a sketch. Bring 5 sketches into the aviansies.


Lucien's Side: visit the island using the above method or by speaking to Lucien in Ardougne. If you speak to Lucien, be sure to assure him you are a Zamorakian. Once there, make your way to the tower. Kill the lvl 124 Demon Guard, or just wear your old necklace of Lucien and walk directly in. There will be a puzzle lock vault door indoors. Once you solve it, wlak from the vault.


When you attempt to take the staff of Armadyl, a level 100 Nightmare Terror will look, using Ancient Magics Shadow Blitz on you personally. He'll also summon around 4 level 87 Nightmare Blades who use melee and a special attack. When the Nightmare Terror is dead, his minions will respawn nevertheless, however, you can catch the staff. They will not listen at first, but they will choose the team and provide you a scroll for those aviansies.


The aviansie will tell you that more mahjarrat still reside, and two of these are headed to get a peninsula near Annarkal. Akthanakos and Enakra will appear and fight each other. Enakra will teleport into Ghorrock. Akthanakos will curse angrily, then see you. He will clarify that Enakra understands the Ancient Magics too well, and that he can't defeat her. If only there were some sort of futuristic magics that she didn't understand.


Fortunately, she's lived under a rock (literally) for centuries, therefore the routine, or modern, spellbook, is futuristic for her. Tell Akthanakos you are prepared, and he'll teleport the two of you into Ghorrock. Cast some kind of bind spell on Enakhra Buy RS 2007 Gold. A cutscene follows, also Lucien appears and frees her. They head to the tower from earlier. From now on, you're always a intruder on Lucien's island.

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