5 Ways To Spot The Difference Between Real And fake Designer products?
Posted On 08/02/2021 05:53:58 by brdshowplaza

The brands with the highest plagiarism rate in the world include Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Levi's. Sometimes, unsuspecting consumers will buy these fake designer shoes handbags watches and other products because their prices are much cheaper than the original products. At other times, some people voluntarily support the sale and purchase of counterfeit fashion items like replica shoes bags watches and so on. However, if you want to stay away from them, here are some ways you can always distinguish between fake and genuine designer products.
1. Splicing
A brand puts a lot of energy into their craft. Not only will the stitching look cleaner, but it will also be more uniform. In addition, real designer products have more needles per square inch than fake designer goods. This explains why luxury goods cost more, because they use more materials to produce their goods.
2. Logo
This is a tricky space because people are already very good at copying logos. However, since brands tend to update their logos or use more details, there will be slight inconsistencies. In addition, the brand will use a unique logo made of metal or leather on its products. On the other hand, fakes will lack logos or cheaply manufactured logos.
3. Fabric
Remember, there are reasons why luxury goods are so expensive. Brands that make leather products will purchase genuine leather and use high-quality metals to make buttons and other decorations. On the other hand, counterfeit products like fake handbags will use artificial leather. In addition, the structure of the dermis will be slightly uneven and will not emit light.

4. Spelling
We can only say that counterfeiters are very good at this. But sometimes, they will slightly change the logo to avoid any legal issues. Therefore, be extra careful when checking the logo and the text on the internal label. If there is anything that says "100% authentic", it is probably not.

5. Price
This is the most common giveaway. Most brands will list their products and their prices online. Obviously, LV handbags will be much more expensive than fake handbags. So don't trust anyone who tells you "discount". Designer brands don’t offer 75% discounts on their products, so if someone tells you something else, please be careful. Also check the price tag to see if it has a brand logo. If not, it is fake.


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