The new runescape minigame where you are shipped into an imaginary world
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Today (or perhaps yesterday or a year ago, depending on when you read this. Similar applies for the above lol. It also includes a lot of new treasure reward trails RuneScape Gold. A fourth set, called 'Third Age Druidic Equipment,' gives you a high reward for praying. It's surprising that it's not surprising that the Third Age armor was released at a higher price (245mil) and comes as an incentive for clue scrolls that are level 4 instead of the level 3. 

Although it's more attractive than the other 3rd grade gear, it's not much more than the rest. Many claim that the druidic set is not as good because of these and other reasons such as the statistics of the latest set being comparable to much less expensive sets like proselyte or proselyte armor. I disagree.


The possibility of Third age Druidic equipment is something that others seem to be missing. I think it really is different from other gear. The complete set (including cloak and staff) provides a +31 prayer bonus and a +28 magic attack bonus and a +30 magic defense bonus.


It is possible to replace the cloak by the Soul Wars cape (reward received from Nomad’s Requiem: +12 to prayer, and +8 all defence stats) Also, you can use the Zamorak or unholy Book (+5 for prayer, +10 for magic attack Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold, and +15 for magical defence) and barrow gloves (+6 magic attack, defence), and infinity boots (+5 magic attack, defence).

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