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In addition, the Endurance stat is essential to your defense and health which makes it an essential combat stat for tank players to put first Lost Ark Gold. Endurance boosts your physical and magical defense, as well as the effectiveness of healing and shields.


The Expertise stat dramatically alters the way the effects of Debuffs impact you and your enemies. Expertise extends the duration of Debuffs cast on enemies and boosts the damage caused by Stagger effects. It also reduces the duration of the effects of Debuffs on you.


The Specialization stat is unique to your character. The abilities, skills, types, or unique forms of damage are enhanced when you add points to Specialization. For instance, the Spell points to the Paladin subclass increase the efficiency that you can use Holy Aura, the rate that you can increase the Piety Meter, and the damage that Awakening causes. See the Specialization portion of your Character Profile to see how it affects your specific class.


From challenges to free-roaming, you'll never be able that will test your skills within Lost Ark. In the end you'll have to face world bosses. These are strong creatures that appear in some regions of the map.


World bosses are generally superior to regular monsters and they may not always be on the move. When a world boss is killed, it'll take 30 minutes before it respawns. If you can't seem to find a world boss in its designated spawn Lost Ark Power leveling, you may need to return afterward or wait for a while to be the first player to go after it when it respawns.

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